4 Tips For Creating a Perfect Event Invitation Email

One of the most important strategies of app promotion is attending or organizing an event, no doubt about that. Through these events you organize or attend, you get the chance of promoting your app in a very effective way. So, how are you going to let people know you have an event? You definitely should consider sending them emails. In this article, we are going to be talking about the key parts of event invitation emails. Let’s show people what we got!

  1. Subject Heading
    Subject lines are the names of the emails. They are like sneak peak videos of a movie. Would you consider going to a movie you didn’t like the trailer of? I assume the answer is a big NO. Email recipients think the same way actually. 33% of them say they open emails based on the subject line alone. So, be careful while determining a subject heading.
  2. Attractive Texts and Visuals
    Now that recipients opened your email, it’s time to attract time with your visuals and texts. Another example from real life; would you consider going to a place you think so boring it is? I assume this answer is a big NO too. J So, get an attractive email template with eye-catchy visuals and influential texts, and leave a good impression on recipients.
  3. Call-to-Action Button
    Congratulations, you made it to the third level. Your recipients opened your email, you attracted them with your texts and visuals. So, what’s next? What are your recipients going to do now? You need to navigate them to somewhere (your website etc.) or to persuade them to take an intended action. Just add an CTA button.
  4. Email Signature
    Next thing you need to do is to add an email signature at the end of your email. It will help your email look more professional. More
    professional your email is, more likely your recipients respond you.

Everything went perfect so far, but it’s not finished yet. You can click here to find out what exactly makes an email the most efficient one. ☺