There are many circumstances that can lead to water damage within the home, hurricanes, floods, broken water pipes and so on. When a homeowner notices water damage, the aftermath could be a very stressful situation for the homeowner. The restoration process from the water damage can be a long, drawn out process with many technical aspects of the process leading to restorations of many areas of the home. The water damage can be complex and therefore helping homeowners to better understand the process can be both informational and educational.

Insurance companies can issue checks for thousands of dollars to homeowners to help with the restoration process of the water damage however the problem is that these checks will take sometime to issue. When this happens, there is more damage being done to the inside of the home and the longer the process takes, the more money that is going to have to be spent as things start to settle in. Problems that can spread to other areas of the home include the rapid growth of mold in the walls of the homes. If the mold spreads up the wall, more money will have to be spent to make the home safer over time.

When Hurricane Harvey hit along with Hurricane Irma, the cost to insurance companies was over $200 billion dollars combined. The end result of this was that the 2017 Hurricane season was one of the costliest weather years for America.

What you should know is that water damage is normally covered through the insurance companies and is also an assistance program offered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known to most as FEMA. The policies that are offered through NFIP, National Flood Insurance Program will offer assistance to homeowners for their property damage up to $250,000 dollars of damage and up to $100,000 for the inside contents of the home. This is a very good policy which will help with many different problems inside of the home when water damage has occurred.

Before you start to tackle the water damage problems and start the water damage restoration, you should at least understand the process of the water restoration. When the problem occurs, the most common area affected by the water damage is the basement. Since they are the lowest areas of the home, this is the most common problem area for the home owner. Most homeowners will use their basement for storage as well as higher areas of the home like attics. Not only are basements used for storage of things but is usually where most people will place their laundry facilities. Homeowners will also spent the time and energy into finishing off the basement in order to use this area as another way to add square footage to the home allowing them to have more living space in the home as well.

Anytime that you begin to see water damage inside the home, you will want to find the cause of the water damage. It could have been a slow leak that allowed water to collect in the home over a period of time and you have just now noticed the leak or it could be a pipe that burst in a wall causing the water to leave damage. No matter the reason, you want to take care of the problem right away and then work on the restoration of the home and property.

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