Best Small Business Ideas to Start in 2021

More and more people, wanting to gain financial independence, leave their employers, starting their own business. To decide on such a step, you will need to carefully weigh the consequences, calculate the possible options, but the main thing is to choose a direction of activity. Business ideas in 2021 that will generate a decent income for the owner are very diverse. Take a look at few ideas that we prepared for you.

Animal grooming

You will take care of the animals: trimming, washing, combing, etc. This kind of work is a great idea for animal lovers.

You can start work from a small room and purchase the most necessary equipment – scissors, detergents, etc. The higher the service level of your grooming centre, the higher the demand for services. Gradually, a small room can grow into a beauty salon for animals, if the base of interested clients becomes quite large.

Additional income can be brought by special things for animals, which can be simultaneously sold both in the salon and through Instagram.

This niche, with the proper approach, has an extremely fast payback. 

Vending machines

This business format does not require a permanent presence, and its payback is in only three to four months. Such devices can contain anything, for example:

-Tourist accessories. You can put in travel pillows, headphones, backpacks, etc.;

-Coffee and tea machines;

-Vending machines with food. It is especially promising to put such things in offices, schools, institutes and other places with a large crowd of people.

This solution is perfect for both megacities and mid-sized cities. Choosing this niche, you will spend a relatively small amount to buy equipment, and the cost of a monthly rental even in the most expensive place will be quite small, because the occupied area does not exceed 1 sq. m.

Car diagnostics

Diagnosing auto malfunctions in an extremely profitable business with minimal investment. You can do both on-site diagnostics and work at home. To start, you will need to purchase the necessary equipment (scanner and a laptop with the appropriate software), and then advertise on all kinds of sites.

This niche is especially in demand for premium cars, as such diagnostics can reveal even the most difficult problems. The cost of the service depends entirely on the car model and the complexity of the work. Some machines have 3-5 slots for detecting each individual malfunction, so the cost of work will increase significantly.

3D printing

Printing on a 3D printer is an interesting idea, both in the field of entertainment and for commercial projects. With this equipment, you can print almost anything – from phone cases to toys. The choice of the target audience strongly depends on the quality of the printer – not all of them are capable of producing quality products. The main solutions are made of plastic, which is quite cheap to manufacture.

In order to choose a 3D printer, you need to decide on the tasks that it will perform.

Plant walls

This business has been successfully operating for a few years now. Its essence lies in the wall cladding made from natural plants. Of course, such a solution is not suitable for all premises, however, most companies focus on phyto walls, as they care about the health of employees.

There are cities where there is practically no competition, since there is a small number of companies producing such panels. You can take high positions anywhere, so invest in development and discover a new, modern solution that brings high income.


The cost of opening is highly dependent on whether you are going to make such panels yourself or plan to purchase them from suppliers. The second option is much cheaper, but you will actually receive profit only for the installation of such panels.

Many people who want to start their own business are held back by the lack of start-up capital. If you are one of them, make sure to think about applying for commercial business loans. This will help you start a more profitable business without worries. In this care, you can start producing your own phyto walls.

Construction of custom houses

This solution can be beneficial for those who know how to independently carry out non-standard projects. Sales can be made to large and medium-sized cities, and business can be done even from the countryside. All that is required of you is a set of necessary knowledge about construction and the ability to design. If you have a familiar design engineer, you can cooperate and jointly create unique projects.


As you can see there are plenty of business ideas which can be implemented with minimal investment. It is enough to try to implement any of the above examples in order to receive the first money. Every day new, more interesting and modern solutions appear, so if you want, you can take on almost any project. Use ideas and open your own business, learn to develop a company and improve it. Good luck.