Can your SaaS offer both services and products?


A few successful B2B SaaS founders and investors have opined that offering a service is the best way to bootstrap under a SaaS marketing agency

It is also a way to become immersed with clients, learn about their problems, and do service projects that generate cash, customer intimacy, and trust under a growth hacking agency


With the help of our efficient SaaS business solutions and strategies, we prioritize and carry out actions to produce successful outcomes.

SaaS sales models:

Self-service model

A self-service model works best when your team is small, and your average selling price is low because it’s more affordable and a good option for selling lower-priced SaaS at a higher volume under a SaaS marketing agency. 

This model uses free trials to encourage users to sign up without the help of a sales rep under a growth hacking agency.

Transactional sales model

A transactional model is the most common sales model as it’s the most scalable. The SaaS solution is typically higher with a larger sales team to encourage a more personalized selling approach under a SaaS marketing agency.

Outbound lead generation teams will reach out to small and medium-sized businesses to encourage a sale on a tiered pricing model under a growth hacking agency.

Enterprise sales model

This model is expensive and requires the most customization and sales support under a SaaS marketing agency. 

Software as a product

Software as a Product, or Saab solutions, requires you to purchase a license to use a key you will have to host yourself. 

Saab solutions are expensive, one-time purchases with no monthly usage fees but often require extensive maintenance and update costs under a SaaS marketing agency.

Generally, you need Internet access to run the software as a product solution, but you can typically use it offline or with an intranet connection under a growth hacking agency.

Software as a service

With SaaS, applications, software, and any files created by the user are stored in the cloud on the provider’s servers and delivered back and forth over the internet under a growth hacking agency. 

The provider, in turn, furnishes the user with access to the application by agreed-upon security, availability, and performance standards under a SaaS marketing agency. All a user needs to access the software is an Internet connection.

Marketing criteria for SaaS:

It would be best to track metrics using a growth hacking firm once you’ve chosen your marketing plan and begun promoting your SaaS product online.

It is crucial since it helps you determine what your business should expand into and what to cut out of your strategy when working with a SaaS marketing firm.

Separate visitors

Keep a trace of the number of people who visit your website, see your adverts, or view your landing page. Pay attention to trade source components like marketing, social media, and organic content.

Guide customer

It is the number of people who act, register for further information, and eventually convert to paying clients or users under a SaaS marketing firm.

Turnover cost

The amount of users who leave at the end of the month is the turnover cost in SaaS marketing. Under a growth hacking company, you always want your registered user rate to be rising and consistently higher than your turnover rates.

A lifetime worth of the client

It is the average revenue your company receives from usage; there are numerous other statistics you should monitor when keeping tabs on your SaaS marketing initiatives. Under a growth hacking agency, what makes the most sense will usually rely on your pricing range, niche, and potential customer.

Make a presence on social networks.

Customers frequently assess the legitimacy of a SaaS business or firm via social media. Social media accounts are made on all the major channels for a SaaS marketing business to gain a following and a web presence.

Social media is also used for other purposes. Social media networks are used to conduct consumer market research. 

They can also be used as a growth hacking agency’s market research tool for other SaaS companies and products.

Under a SaaS marketing firm, extensive study is done on the kinds of individual posts they publish and the material they share that attracts their target group. The secret resides in a straightforward narrative that places the product in a position to address customers’ concerns.