Common Diseases In Winter And How To Avoid Them

You must have heard the pop-culture catchphrase, ‘Brace yourself, winter has arrived’ but have you ever wondered what does winter bring in real life? Multiple cups of piping hot tea or strong coffee. Hot fried foods are bliss in this chilly weather, but it does come with a lot of diseases that you must be careful of!

There is a sudden temperature drop after the hot October season leaving very little time for the body to adapt to changing climate. The human body reacts to the change in the environment by being a host to common diseases that you experience in this cold weather.

Know more about common ailments that occur during chilly winters and ways to stay protected with health insurance

Common cold and Flu

In contrast to age-old belief, cold and flu are not directly related to a drop in the mercury levels. Most people contract cold and flu due to a weakened immunity system. The decrease in temperature stresses the body above normal to regulate body heat levels. You can by-pass the increased cold by layering up. The flu virus is transmitted through the air in the environment and keeping yourself warm at such times can help you stay protected.

Dry and Itchy Skin

The winter brings cold and reduces the humidity levels in the environment. This creates dryness in the weather and can be felt by the tender skin. You can feel the dryness creating a sensation that you want to scratch your skin, leaving white marks all over. It can be avoided by using a moisturiser that helps restore the water content in your pores, protecting your skin from itching and dryness too.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is something often observed in the young age group. It is a worse version of a sore throat along with fever caused by an infection. You can notice symptoms like uneasiness in consuming food and water, headache, swelling of the lymph nodes, fever and more. It needs to be treated immediately by consulting your doctor; but for starters, you can consume hot water to keep it in check.


One such ailment that has extreme situations which can be either treated at home or resort to a medical facility is pneumonia. People suffering from immunity deficiency or other ailments like asthma, heart condition or even cancer for that matter are more prone to pneumonia. Exercising daily and maintaining good hygiene can help in the prevention of pneumonia. Your critical illness insurance includes treatment that can be availed for a disease like pneumonia.

Your health insurance plans may include treatment for such ailments of the winter season. It can even include a preventive health check-up. Such preventive health check-ups are generally covered under your family health insurance. Make sure you select health insurance plans for family that have an adequate cover including the necessary preventive treatments for the above diseases, including respiratory conditions and joint pains too.