For business owners looking to participate in a transaction, checking the credentials of potential business partners is a wise move. Even while engaging an investigator may be a good idea, a preliminary check may be done on one’s own if one knows how to research a Singapore-registered corporation.

In order to find out whether a company is legitimate and registered in your state, you may use the filing site. Additional corporate information, including a business description, certificate of production, and financial profile are available to the general public on the company’s website.

If a company isn’t registered in Singapore, how can we find out?

Law dictates that businesses in Singapore must furnish the ACRA with updated data on a regular basis. An extensive amount of information about the business may be seen on the registration site website when it has been approved by the right authorities. So How to Check and Verify if a Company is Registered in Singapore? We come up with the solutions there.

To encourage transparency and avoid the misuse of company information, this information is being made accessible. The goal of this expanded accessibility is to keep global standards high while also boosting Singapore’s reputation as a reliable financial center.

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What You Need to Know About Verifying a Singapore Company’s Legal Status

The most important thing to remember is to know exactly what you’re doing before you begin.

Visit https://www.the registration, the official website of ACRA’s free online directory search platform.

The second step

Enter the name of the company you want to verify in the fields.

This is the third step

The CAPTCHA form is an anti-spam measure that will be used to verify your identity next.

Step Four

Eventually, you’ll be able to find out more about the business. Among the details you’ll get is the following:

These are the company’s name (as well as its location, industry, and UEN): These details allow you to verify that the company’s address is not false or fraudulent.

This is the current state of affairs for the company: They’ll let you know whether the company is still around and if it’s still doing business.

For corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships, the date on which the most recent annual return was filed and the fiscal year for which the return was submitted are used.

The most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on this day. No general meetings have been reported to ACRA if the letter n.a. is shown.

These are the filing dates for the financial statements. Whether or not the document has been submitted to ACRA is indicated by this field. It has a three-year data retention policy.

Businesses in the following categories are exempt from this rule:

  • Entities that fit within this category include public accounting companies, businesses, limited liability partnerships, and limited partnerships.
  • Exempt private companies that did not file an FS were private solvent-exempt enterprises.
  • Even newly formed companies are deemed ineligible if they have not filed their annual reports.
  • Dormant relevant corporations in Singapore are excused from filing financial statements under Section 201A of the Singapore Firms Act.

What is the reason for verifying a company’s legitimacy?

The company’s verification technique is crucial to its success since it prevents you from working with a corporation that is fraudulent or has a bad reputation. The registration site is a firm that sells data collected from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) submissions (ACRA).


As a consequence, you now know how to evaluate a Singapore-registered firm using these simple steps. In the event that you find yourself in a suspicious situation, don’t scrimp on the verification process.For more corporate services such as company incorporation services and corporate secretarial services in Singapore, you can visit Morrison Management at today.

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