Cryptocurrency and some of its Platforms

Cryptocurrency is digital or virtual currency which uses cryptograpy for security. It is difficult to hack cryptocurrency due to its security features. It provides decentralized system based on blockchain technology that gives information about transitions needed by the desired network. The first blockchain based cryptocurrency was Bitcoin and till now it is most popular and precious. Today, there are many firms which provide you numbers of crypto investment platforms like is one of them.

It provides crypto investment platforms like:


It is digital currency which avoids involvement of any bank or administrator that can be sent to their network without the need of intermediaries. Transactions are verified through cryptograpgy or blockchain technology. It was created to exchange the currency, products and services.


It isfor public, based on blockchain, ether is token generates blockchain on ethereum platform. It can be transferred between the accounts and compensate its users through computations performed. It provide decentralized machine which executes using international network for public.


It is the second largest cryptocurrency in the market. Litecoin can be purchased directly from the market, it mostly accepts credit card payments, cheques, and money transfer. It is person to person cryptocurrency and open source software, transfer of coins and creation is based on cryptographic protocol and does not have any involvement of any type of authority.


It refers to cryptocurrency which offer the price stability or backed by reserve asset. It has gained traction as it offer the best worth of both the instant processing and security in payment of cryptocurrency.

Mode of Exchange

Different exchanges have different payment methods which can be used for transactions which include bank transfer, bank draft gift cards and money order. Depositing and withdrawal depends on the payment the higher you pay the higher the processing fees.