Drive Your Business Full Speed Ahead

Want to grow your business? Don’t let a slow Internet connection be your company’s speed trap! Slow, unreliable Internet has many negative impacts, as discussed in the accompanying infographic, Internet Speed Can Impact Your Bottom Line. A bad experience dealing with your business due to slow Internet can hurt your reputation, damage employee morale and productivity, and even send customers into the open arms of your competitors — all of which can hurt your profitability.
How do you know if your Internet connection is too slow? IT professionals should be able to detect slow speeds by running a series of tests on your hardware, cable, devices and more. But it may be simpler than that — when your employees experience difficulties in downloading documents, uploading files, or sending and receiving emails, then you know you have a problem. And you should be aware that if your workforce is facing problems from a slow Internet speed, you can be sure your customers are having issues, too.  An Internet connection is too important to take for granted. As you can see in the infographic, users quickly leave websites that are slow to load, which means that slow speeds decrease customer satisfaction and conversions; and downtime due to a slow connection has real financial impacts. Keep reading the infographic to find out how your business can increase its Internet speed — so you can stay on track with your goals.