Driving at Night: 10 Safety Tips

Driving at night should be approached with special caution. Apart from keeping all of your documents handy, you must follow some basic rules while driving at night. Car insurance in India is mandatory by law. So keep your insurance policy for four-wheelers handy at all times.

These safety rules should always be followed so that you can keep your car and yourself safe from harm.

10 safety tips that you should follow when driving at night:

1. Check for sufficient lighting:

Before you plan to go out at night, you have to ensure that the road is clearly visible to you by your headlights. Driving on a dark road with faulty headlights can be extremely dangerous for you and other people on the road. You cannot rely on just the streetlights guiding your way. You need to have your own functional well-lit headlights. Before going on a night ride, check the headlights and if need be, invest in good, strong LED headlights.

2. Defensive driving:

One of the most important things for driving at night is your style of driving. Do not be under the impression that everyone else on the road is going to follow all the rules. It’s your responsibility to drive cautiously and safely at night. The probability of encountering a drunk driver is high in the night. Driving defensively is the best for nighttime driving; do not be in a hurry, don’t overtake and follow speed limits.

3. Use the low beam:

The use of uppers and dippers on your headlights, more commonly known as the high beams and low beams are important when you’re out at night.

The usage of the high beam is recommended only when there is no other vehicle around you, and when it’s too dark. Using a high beam without any caution can be extremely dangerous for oncoming cars or those in the next lane. It can block their vision and disrupt their view of the road. If you are using a high beam and encounter a vehicle coming from ahead or in front of you, shift to a low beam to make it easy for them.

4. A well-rested driver is a safe driver:

A vital tip for driving in the night is to be completely well-rested. Without the natural light of the sun, the darkness can cause you to feel drowsy and can affect your alertness. If you know you are going to be on a long night drive, you should get a quick nap in before going ahead with the drive. Always carry a water bottle sufficient enough for the ride. If you feel sleepy you should most definitely pull over, rest for a while, get a snack or walk off that drowsiness.

5. Keep the windshield clean:

Before getting into the car, just wait and look at the windshield and windows. Make sure they do not have a layer of dust or anything on it that can obstruct your view of the road. Cleaning mirrors does not just include cleaning the windshield and windows. You need to clean your rearview mirrors as well. Unclean mirrors can deflect the headlights of other cars, producing a glare in your eyes.

6. Slow down at corners:

You should ensure to follow this rule, especially when driving on hilly or mountain areas. When encountering sharp turns on the road at night, you should slow down. If you see the light of a car coming from the turn, slow down to avoid an accident. Also if you have to pull over for any reason, find a long stretch and switch on the parking lights.

7. Adjust your inner lighting:

If the dashboard lights in your car are too bright, looking at the dark road from inside the car can be a bit tough. Dim the interior lights at night, such that the critical controls are visible, and the light doesn’t blind your vision.

8. Look out for animals on the road:

When you’re driving in the dark, you need to keep an eye on the road for stray animals. In the night, animals tend to cross the roads in mountain areas to avoid traffic during the daytime. In case you do hit an animal, you can check the insurance for your car. Some comprehensive car insurance policies cover your car for collisions caused by animals.

9. Look out for vehicles with blown out headlights: 

They can include cycles, bikes, cars or also trucks. Any vehicle with damaged headlights can be dangerous for them and you. If you do spot one, it is best to be slow around them.

10. Avoid unnecessary  distractions:

When driving at night, keep distractions to a minimum. Driving at night requires extra focus and attention. It is best to keep the phone away and the music down. If possible, ask your passengers to keep you active and alert.

Thus, when driving at night, make sure you keep yourself alert, minimise distractions and follow the proper rules of the road. Also, always keep your car insurance policy details handy. As mentioned, car insurance is mandatory in India, so ensure to have an active insurance policy at all times. For seamless renewal, you can opt for car insurance online renewal.

The only way to drive safely at night is to respect the increased level of danger of night driving. So be alert and have a great experience on your long drive at night!