Facts that should be kept in mind for buying Tezos

Before buying tezos you should go through the study of the different marketplace after studying different marketplace you should have to be clear that what you want in return. Most of the marketplace will demand verification of your identity and afterward, they will allow you for trading. A wallet is necessarily required for storing the tezos. You can use any payment method for the transfer of money in the marketplace for buying the tezos.

To know about the security of Tezos wallet

There are several factors present for deciding the quality and security of the wallet. A wallet should contain a highly secure network to avoid any hacking. It should also be easy in using and functioning as people don’t prefer complex wallets. It should also contain the capability of storing your Tezos. Wallet Tezos uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism which gives power to token holders to participate in a secure network and it also gives benefits for doing this.

Factors affecting the security of Tezos wallet

The security of any wallet must be on the top so that people can safely store their coins. Tezos wallet act as an independent blockchain network. In Tezos wallet, no one can interfere or hack your coins. the software of Tezos wallet is quite secure and good in use. You can use it without any trouble.

Security audits inTezos wallet

To check how much the wallet is secure generally, the company took the audit of security. Tezos audits on Tezos core protocol and Tezos related tools have done very carefully from security experts and they declare it one of the secure wallets in the online world.

Changes made on security after the audit.

In the first audit of TezosĀ  SSL certificate used in the backend nodes, it seems to be insecure. So, changes have been made in it to make it more secure. They also added some additional security headers to the web wallet server. They also updated their older version into the newer one. The problem in password setting also arises earlier there are no restrictions on any password but later they added some criteria for the creation of new password like

  • Password should be of a minimum of eight characters
  • It should also contain at least one alfa character
  • Must contain one number or any symbol
  • Do not contain any whitespace between characters

Issues founded by security audits

Auditors founded issues with chrome extensions where several flaws with chrome extensions can potentially force the users for transactions. A problem in the user interface is also founded by the auditors. In the first audit of security network auditors found a problem in codes of software there are serval codes present which are unused.it mainly provides legacy support to wallet creators but after the audit, it was no longer in use as it does not provide any functionality to the wallet.