How did the pandemic cause a change in the product sampling


Product sampling has been a friendly and effective way for product awareness and customer loyalty under the Product sampling program. Many brands and companies have availed of product sampling to present their new goods to their targeted customers and increase turnover under the Sampling agency.

  • Masks and occupancy limitations represent two of the most visible conversions. For those who have a journey to the grocery store throughout the pandemic, it’s been entirely removed from the typical shopping exposures under the Product Sampling Program.
  • Still, customers have also noticed the decided absence of in-store samples available to try out while strolling through the passage under the Sampling agency.
  • Beauty store shoppers who appreciated the ability to examine samples in the store are now floating blind when it comes to purchasing new items under the Product Sampling Program.
  • Likewise, sampling is a crucial strategy for experiential marketing campaigns, and we, too, are working within the conditions brought by the pandemic under the Sampling agency.


Samplrr assists brands with customized business techniques to generate product awareness of new and current products to have a broader reach within the aimed audience.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler introduces a unique mixture of technology, strategic center group sampling, and accomplished marketing professionals to associate with potential customers through approximated activations. We help raise new products in the market and collect valuable customer reviews.

Below, we look at the role of sampling across industries and how brands adapt to the developing landscape.

In-Store Sampling Connects Instacart

  • As per the research from She Speaks, in-store sampling drives brand awareness (+57%), brand complimentary (+63%), purchase intent (+48%), and guidance intent (+55%). It is relatively simple; it mitigates the risk of buying an unfamiliar product under the Product Sampling Program.
  • However, the current matter is that CPG manufacturers have to find touchless inconsistency. When Coca-Cola issued Coca-Cola Energy in January, the initial scheme was to execute an experiential sampling program to present the product to customers under the Product Sampling Program.
  • When the pandemic made such projects inaccessible, the band leaned into the growth of online grocery purchasesby placing energy drink samples into online orders and donating products to hospitals and first answerers under the Sampling agency.
  • According to Advantage Solutions, which orchestrates various in-store sampling practices, the number of brands looking to exploit the same strategy as Coca-Cola has magnified in the last two months under the Product Sampling Program.

Beauty Sample Shipping

  • In the last few years, beauty brands have gone all-in on the in-store experience with highly organized environments that promote discovery. However, if you’ve visited a store recently, you likely found it to be a more productive experience under the Product Sampling Program.
  • The deficiency of samples is one of the most dazzling changes in beauty shops, and that’s a matter under the Sampling agency. As per Euromonitor International, samples are the third most significant purchase driver for full-size items. Consequently, it’s assumed that the minis market – which includes exclusive and travel-sized items – will grow in the meantime.
  • The Harmonist has always offered free samples within Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and their stores to boost full-sized purchases. Commonly, it has worked, with 60% percent of consumers who take free samples transforming to full-size items under the Product Sampling Program.

So, when the pandemic was affected, the brand changed and began selling separate fragrance samples online for only $6 – with a charge for production and dispatching under the Sampling agency.

Brands considering taking their sampling experience to the next level will have to consider the storytelling feature under the Product Sampling Program. A virtual expert event associated with sample shipments could be the perfect chance to do that.

Observational Sampling from Afar

  • Sampling has always been a critical strategy in observational marketing efforts. With the deficiency of in-person events this summer, brands are getting creative in getting their products into customers’ hands under the Product Sampling Program. Last month, Kind established a contest on its site to support its new Kind Frozen bars.
  • The reward for the three lucky winners? A qualified bird, a drone delivers their Kind Frozen bars, or a hot air balloon – an amusing spin on the pervasion of deliveries at this stage under the Sampling agency.
  • While Starburst didn’t have a new item to issue, the brand found a method to place itself in the discussion around National Self-Care Day. I was inspired by the acceptance and impressive memes about the pink Starburst taste under the Sampling agency.
  • The lack of in-person sampling has caused a wave effect across industries but labels still find creative methods to get product samples into consumers’ hands under the Product Sampling Program.

If your brand wants to design a creative sampling campaign, contact us today to learn how our experiential marketing services can help you build awareness, encourage trial, and earn lifelong loyalists under the Sampling agency.