How to Choose a Nevada Registered Agent

You first need to know whom a Nevada registered agent is. A registered agent is the person who contacts the state on behalf of your LLC. They receive compliance information and tax notifications on behalf of your LLC and they have to be a registered agent. Apart from these, they are also tasked with accepting service of process, meaning they accept legal summons on behalf of the LLC in case the LC issued.

Can One Be Their Own Registered Agent in Nevada

You can choose a friend, a member of your LLC or even yourself to be a registered agent for your LLC. Whomever you choose should meet the following requirements:

  • Should be 18 or above
  • Should own a physical address in the state within which the business is being carried out
  • Should be available and available during work hours so that they can receive service of process in person

Apart from the above suggestion, you can resort to hiring services of a Nevada registered agent service. This will cost you more than if you decided to do it by yourself but remember the agent will be a professional. Working with a professional and registered agent has its advantages. For example, with their skills, knowledge and training, it is very difficult for them to miss, misplace or fail to notice important documents which you may overlook if you were your own agent. These mistakes may end up being more costly than the price of hiring a registered agent so consider this too.

Should I Use a Nevada Registered Agent Service

Hiring services of a Nevada registered agent has more advantages than disadvantages. The other name for Registered Agent Services is Commercial Registered agent and the following are advantages that you will experience for and in your business when you work with one:

  • Privacy

The registered agent’s address is usually listed on public record and not in your office or home address. The importance of this is that if your business operates from your home, you can still maintain a significant level of privacy where your home address just remains personal.

  • Convenience

People who are their own registered agent should always stick around to receive official notices at all times during business hours at the business’s address. With the services of a professional agent, you can remain flexible and engage in other activities including personal ones.

  • Discretion

The registered agent will report to you immediately and discreetly in case your business is sued. If you are your own agent, you are at a high risk of being served in front of employees or even customers.

  • Peace of Mind

If you have a registered agent handling your business, they will always notify you of all requirements needed for the LLC to run smoothly and in compliance with the laws. They will also send you important reminders that are for the good of the company and you can spend your time in running the business adequately and effectively.

  • National Coverage

If you want to expand your business as a foreign LLC, you need the services of a national Nevada registered agent.

The only advantage is that it is more costly to hire a registered agent service compared to acting as your own registered agent. However, remember it comes with benefits.

Best registered Agent Service in Nevada

  • Incfile Registered Agent

They provide a comprehensive service. Incfile does not have hidden fees or gimmicks. They offer a full year of registered agent service for free the moment you hire them for their services.

Working with Incfile is convenient for you because they receive alerts on their online document management system and regular compliance. They offer services like scanning your important legal documents, files and mail then send to you physical copies.

Incfile has incredible customer service. Their representative receive commendations for being full of knowledge on aspects to do with formation and maintenance of LLCs.

  • Who Can Be A Registered Agent?

Any person can be a registered agent as long as they meet the quality or characteristics of a registered agent. The person or entity should be available on at the registered agent address on weekdays during business hours. It is important that they are present always so that they can handle laws suits or remain compliant to legal forms and deadlines at all times. A registered agent service is most appropriate for this position because they have certain skills that you may be lacking.

  • How Much Does An LLC Registered Agent Cost?

You will pay anything between $50 to $300 which is still less costly than having an actual office. Changing your registered agent costs any amount up to around $50 dollars in each state you are registered to operate business in with your LLC.

  • A Statutory Agent

A registered agent is also known as a statutory agent, or a process service agent. You can also call them a resident agent. You will discover that different states use different tiles but they all refer to the same thing.

  • What ‘Service Of Process’ Means

It means receiving legal documents for example lawsuits and summons to appear before a judge.