How To Make A Good Logistics Storage Room Management?

The logistics sector has an ideal weight for the company’s success and, at the same time, brings important challenges. This is because it is necessary to master techniques to make good management of logistical storage.

Although it is complex and rich in details, this does not mean that improving logistics processes is an almost impossible mission. In fact, with a few minor changes in routines, it is possible to achieve satisfactory results.

Tips For Improving Logistical Storage Room

In this article, Tuweco bring some practical tips to be used in your warehouse organization to improve the processes carried out there. Follow:

  1. Organize the warehouse layout

How inventories are distributed is essential to achieve success in their logistical storage. This is because the layout can either favor movement within the warehouse or complicate it.

The ideal is that when adding items to the warehouse, planning is done based on the materials that will come out first, those that require more care in handling, those that need more space to be moved, among other details.

The layout organized as a production line favors this practice and makes it possible to save time, as well as helping to take advantage of the warehouse space so that a greater volume of items is stored there.

  1. Eliminate the papers

Registering entries, exits, and orders manually, in addition to spending a lot of time, increases the chances of mistakes being made. This all influences your warehouse’s productivity and generates a volume of paper and expenses with inputs.

The ideal is to eliminate annotations on this type of support and register them in an automated system. The organization will be better, as well as the time spent, and the ease of access will also be expanded for all employees.

  1. Train your team

A well-prepared team can increase productivity and make fewer mistakes. Therefore, it is essential to invest in training to empower the team and keep it always up to date on how the processes within the organization should happen.

  1. Establish the ABC Curve

The ABC curve is used to make logistical storage more accurate and efficient. In this case, stocks are classified as belonging to groups A, B, or C, which determines their priority in the warehouse.

The essential products would be in group A, followed by B and finally C. Here, group A is preferred because it needs more attention in storage and handling. This way, delays, damages, or mistakes with the delivery of each cargo are avoided.