Important Cap Table Mistakes To Avoid

Upon knowing the fundamentals of cap table, you must desire to challenge yourself into creating yours. Even so, aside from understanding the basics of making a cap table, you must constantly remind yourself several other points. Remember, not all websites and simple blogs provide accurate advice pertaining the cap table. This is among the reasons that propel experts to design the cap table arena. Hence, you need not worry concerning updating the cap table. However, the app will not complete all tasks on your behalf; therefore, you must focus on other elements. As successful entrepreneurs say, you will appreciate the cost of receiving good advice after paying for a bad one. This saying holds true when keeping your cap table clean and updated because it acts as the heart of your business.


The constituents of your company cap table perfectly describe the deeds of a company, its respective owners and above all, the core decision makers. This makes it critical for you to know your duties with respect to your firm as well as the effects of certain changes on the business beginning with the time you start up the enterprise until you leave it. Hence, you must always update your cap table every time you experience any change including new cycles in financing or welcoming new shareholders. Although straightforward, this document often attracts mistakes from many people. Partly, errors result from entrepreneurs solely depending on spreadsheets for controlling their cap tables without knowing that this move often leads to complicated and disorganized data. With more funding, you must stretch your spreadsheets and they will be insufficient for keeping your cap table neatly at the sight of more investors instantaneously.

Let us dive deeper to unravel the mystery of spreadsheets in keeping cap tables properly. This way, you will appreciate the essence of using software that experts design for managing your cap table. Similarly, you will reduce your chances of making mistakes. Consider the benefits of maintaining a correct Cap Table.

Importance Of Keeping A Correct Update Cap Table

You must know that keeping your company cap table up to date is a daunting task. Even so, its numerous benefits should inspire you to work on updating it perfectly. It is vital for your firm’s daily activities and you must review it religiously for the following reasons:

  • It aids in making informed decisions. The initial owners of an enterprise must invest in designing their cap table. They must provide all necessary info in the table so that it features and keeps all the minutiae of the company.
  • A neat and updated cap table is essential in deciding the exact portion of the firm that you are willing and able to give to potential investors when they provide funds. This is essential for the current owners because no one wants to lose their authority in their company over uninformed decisions. Remember, the portion of the shares you hold in a company define your position with reference to controlling it.
  • In addition, your cap table will guide your lawyer when conducting audits. They will easily review the development of your company alongside its holdings using detailed, orderly and accurate data.
  • Furthermore, the access of your firm’s history, its ownership control and shares make it easy to negotiate the current value of latest fundraising procedures for the business.
  • It also enables employees with equity stakes to see the actual-time values of their holdings.
  • Investors also always depend on cap tables to make their decisions on the companies with which to invest. They will desire to know the controllers of the firm as well as potential payouts and dilutions in given circumstances.
  • Above all, cap tables are crucial for prospective investors when estimating the advantages and controls to expect during negotiations.

Effects Of Outdated Cap Tables

You must prepare for a set of repercussions when using an outdated cap table. It exposes you to losing your funds if not your entire company. Even so, issues relating to taxes and IRS will create more stresses when your cap table is not up to date. This is because IRS corresponds to the tax equity of your business. Using an updated company cap table will help you comply with the law at all times because of the timely delivery and filing of taxes that it guarantees. It is unquestionably impossible to neglect IRS & tax compliance, then expect to succeed in business. If your business fails to comply, you will end up in more crises including higher tax levies and penalties.

Non-compliance also exposes your employees to unmerited penalties. As a result, your firm will cope with high turnover rates among employees. As a result, you should in a competent accountant and make them aware of the law and taxes that you must cover. Nonetheless, prior to liaising with your accountant, you should seek awareness of common regulations and maintain an updated cap table for better performance from your accountant.