Landmark Financial Japan Review

Due to the rise of advanced technology and social media, more people are getting motivated to start investing for their future. People used to think that investments and stock markets were only accessible to rich people. Nowadays, you can even log into an investment managing website and instruct your manager to make changes for you. 

Now that people are more educated about how an investment works, and you can start your journey too. To gain more from your allotted investment, let a professional company like Landmark Financial Japan review your portfolio. This global investment firm has been serving clients for a long time, catering to clients from all around the world. They have garnered respect and praise from clients that got their services.

Landmark Financial Japan Service Plans

If you want to grow your money but have no time to spare, consider getting a professional financial firm to handle your assets. Experts at Landmark Financial Japan review your portfolio to make sure you invest in the right places.

The company offers a couple of plans to cater to their client’s needs, and its online registration is free. However, you need a minimum investment of $5,000 to enjoy any service plans they are offering.

These are the three plans that Landmark Financial Japan is currently offering: 

Plan A

This first plan is very flexible because it is a plan with an open contract and no limit. If you choose Plan A, you don’t have to pay any fees for opening an account, performance, and investment withdrawal. You can stop anytime you want because there’s no contract period. With Plan A, there’s a 2% management fee and 0.25% commission for every transaction. This plan is ideal for those that want to try their luck.

Plan B

The second plan is for serious investors that want to gain from their assets. Plan B is designed to charge you only when your portfolio has produced income. There is, however, a one year contract period to give room for the growth of your portfolio. This plan does not have a management fee, but there’s a 0.25% commission with every transaction and an 18% performance fee.

Plan C

The last plan offers a lower management and performance fee. With this plan, the management fee is only 1% and charged annually, but with at least a one-year contract duration, like in Plan B. There is a 0.25% commission for every transaction and another 10% performance fee of the overall total profit. There’s a similarity in the withdrawal fee from Plan B— there’s a 2% charge of its net value after they subtract the performance and management fee.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to handle an investment on your own, so you need to find someone to manage your portfolio. Choose a company that values your money and hard work like how companies like Landmark Financial Japan review all options. The company has years of experience in this industry with them and always delivered the best results for their clients. You can have a closer look at how they do their work by opening an account with them for free.