Looking for truck accident attorneys in Vermont? Check this guide!

Commercial trucks & 18-wheelers are often responsible for devastating accidents on Vermont roads. Because of their sheer weight and size, these vehicles can cause serious damage to passenger cars. Right after a commercial truck accident, you may feel too dazed and shocked to do anything. However, if you don’t take action within a reasonable time, you may lose your chance of compensation for your injuries and losses. Thankfully, some amazing truck accident attorneys in Vermont can guide and help with your circumstances. In this guide, we are sharing more on how to find the right lawyer. 

Do you need a lawyer?

Injured victims dealing with financial distress often worry about the cost of legal representation. Hiring a lawyer for your truck accident claim isn’t mandatory by law. However, it is necessary to understand that such accidents and crashes are distinct from standard auto accidents. You cannot immediately blame the driver for the crash. In truck accidents, the loading company, manufacturer, repair service, or trucking company could be at fault. It would help if you had an attorney to investigate the matter and gather evidence to bolster your claim. 

What to look for in a truck accident attorney?

  1. Experience. Not all personal injury lawyers in VT work on truck accident cases. You need someone with experience in the niche. Besides the ability to negotiate with the insurance company, the attorney should have courtroom confidence too. 
  2. Reputation. How long have you been working as a truck accident lawyer in the state? Can you share a few references? What are some of your landmark cases and biggest settlements? These are some of the questions you need to ask a lawyer to know their reputation. 
  3. Reviews. If a truck accident lawyer claims to be the best in business, they will have good reviews. Check Google for independent reviews and testimonials posted by other clients to find more details. 
  4. Availability. You need to know if the attorney is available to work on your case directly. Some attorneys may assign the case with an associate of the firm, and no matter the circumstances, you must have access to your lawyer. 
  5. Cost. Usually, most injury lawyers work on a contingency fee in Vermont. The lawyer only gets paid if they win a financial settlement for you. The fee of truck accident lawyers may vary between 20% and 40% of the final settlement. 

Check online and find a reliable truck accident attorney now.