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What is the use of Molang?

Molang is a simple expression-based language designed for fast, data-driven calculation of values at run-time, and with a direct connection to in-game values and systems. Its focus is to enable low-level systems like animation to support flexible data-driven behavior for both internal and external creators, while staying highly performant.

Who is the creator of Molang?

The titular character, Molang, was designed by the Korean illustrator Hye Ji Yoon on the platform KakaoTalk. French author and director Marie-Caroline Villand fell in love with the characters and started to further develop Molang's universe. [1] The series first aired on Canal+ France in November 2, 2015.

What is the nationality of Molang?

Molang has no nationality, is ageless and gender-neutral. [1] Piu Piu is a little yellow chick, and is Molang's best friend and side-kick. Shy and reserved, Piu Piu takes great care to do things in the right way.

What language do the characters in Molang speak?

Molanguese is the language spoken by the characters in Molang, The language they speak is pretty much gibberish, mixed with some other languages, but there are a few things you can learn. For example- "Ko te ta ta ki!" means "I've got an idea!" and "Maximo" means "more."

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