Organize your agenda for the Best Business

Some companies will be quite happy to give you some time during the week to work on your project. Others don’t. It depends a lot on the interest of your organization in supporting your project and even investing in it. If your project does not concern your sector of activity or a possibility of innovation for your company, your personal time is the one that will be most dedicated to your business creation.

The most important thing is to clearly demarcate your time allocated to this project. How many hours per week are you willing to devote to it? It will be mostly personal time usually reserved for your leisure and your social life that will spend there, hence the need to be well organized and allocate time slots defined in advance. Early in the morning, late in the evening, on your lunch break. The clearer your agenda, the easier it will be for you to stick to it. However, do not dedicate all your personal time to this project otherwise you will run out of steam. It is crucial to save time off to enjoy your family, friends, see a movie, etc. Productivity also requires time for oneself. You will have the best options for Indonesia business for sale in Indonesia now.

Prepare your departure

There are several possibilities to spend full time on your project. Find out what best suits your situation and your organization’s HR policies (sabbatical, contractual termination, etc.). Also prepare your handover with your successor and your teams since it is a departure that will “last”. Explain why you are starting, your project, how the next step will be set up, etc.

The more you prepare for your departure, the better it will be. It is important to start on good terms, especially when embarking on the entrepreneurial adventure. You can always need a former colleague or a former boss for a connection, a helping hand or finding a job.

Consider starting a business

Finally, don’t close the door to entrepreneurship. Large groups are increasingly setting up spin-off programs in order to develop the innovation capacities of their teams. Appeared in the United States in the mid-1970s, entrepreneurship allows entrepreneurship within the company. According to definition, “the entrepreneur is the member of an organization which, in agreement with it and while remaining an employee, has a viable project, which he can carry out within it”. 

Innovative services of business for sales related to the activity of a company can emerge in the minds of employees. More and more organizations are aware of this and support these employees from both a technical and financial point of view. Some, for example, has developed a “20 projects for 2020” program.With this program, the group develops the entrepreneurial spirit and internal innovation so that all postal workers become actors and beneficiaries of the transformation of the company