One thing about our home is certain that a wall is always incomplete without a few accessories.

Picture framing is the best way you can get your walls done. The art of picture framing is although complicated, from the type of picture frames, their placement, and the perfect image. 

Picture frames must always compliment the artwork, imagery that is to be displayed. We, at FRAMES BY MAIL, hire the best designers who specialize in artwork displays as an essential part of their creations.

For living areas in your house, if the wall is light and bright, or white and colorful, then you must go for simple, thin frames, preferably in black or white. The combination works really well.

Picture framing must always be done to serve a dual purpose.

First is the preservation of your favorite memories in the form of picture frames, secondly the purpose of decorating your house.

To attain a neat and elegant look on that wall with your picture frames, try putting different sizes of picture frames displayed together but the frames should be the same.

By using the same frame, every picture frame has the same outline, and thus, is cleaner and attractive to the eye.

You must always ensure that the frame you are choosing must suit the photo. For example, you would never like to add your wedding picture in a mickey mouse frame. So, the choice of your picture frame has to be subtle and elegant.

The next step is to see that framing is creative and makes an inspired addition to your living area.

Whenever you are planning to get that home interior done, you have to be more creative and innovative.

You can be creative by choosing the type of wood, metallic texture to add a more to your artwork.

With picture frames, you can add a bit of rustic charm and vintage appeal to your memories.

So, if you have made up your mind of changing the interior of your house, then the best thing is to be more creative and innovative with picture frames.

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