Plastic Surgeon Marketing

We live in a world of digital communication today. In order to be a successful plastic surgeon, you need to be a successful entrepreneur. And that is possible when you can offer something that your counterparts cannot. With the widespread use of the internet, you can market your products and services not only within your country but across international borders as well.

Marketing with a human touch:

All plastic surgeons are experts in the beautification of a person’s physical feature(s). If you wish to market yourself as a specialist successfully, you will need to strike a deeper chord with your audience. In simple words, you need an effective marketing plan. You can always opt for help from pioneering web design companies such as Digital Logic. Your website should cover the following salient features:

  • A brief description of your academic qualifications such as the name of the university, degree obtained
  • A brief overview of your specialization. Try not to delve into too much of medical jargon as that will cause your audience to phase out
  • Certifications received from government bodies (American Board of Plastic Surgery) are your USP. Be sure to highlight them wherever possible. This increases your credibility in the eyes of the discerning customer
  • Adopt a conversationalist style of approach. This engagement with the audience will help to personalize your services to them. Consequently, they will be more open to approach you

Be responsive:

Always remember, be quick in your response. People have a lot of options today,and word of mouth publicity travels even faster on social media. So be empathic. If someone responds to your website with their contact details, responding within the first 05 hours of the raising of the query makes all the first impression in the minds of your client. Making use of a third party platform such as Facebook, Instagram or medical blogsites helps to make you appear transparent.