Signs and Printing Remain of Great Importance in Branding and Advertising a Business

Retail establishments need signs to ensure customers have the information they want while in the building. Approximately 75 percent of consumers state they visit a retailer after seeing the exterior sign, while slightly less than 70 percent state the sign provides information regarding the merchandise quality. Furthermore, 60 percent state the lack of a sign leads them to look elsewhere for the products and services they need. Signs ensure the business receives continuous advertising and are very cost effective. What Signs and Printing are needed and why?

Interior and Exterior Signs

Visual graphics provide consumers with crucial information, and businesses need to consider different sizes and forms to find those appropriate for their establishment. Exterior signs work to drive foot traffic to the location while providing consumers with information regarding what the business offers and what it values. They need to be in good working condition and well maintained for the best results. Remember, the sign represents the brand and therefore must be perfect in every way.

Once the consumer enters the business, interior signs serve many purposes. These signs are more focused and may provide directions to different areas or highlight a sale or promotion. The goal of point of purchase signs should be to influence most purchases within the business. Think of the signs as another member of the sales staff. They work to convince the customer to spend money while differentiating the business from its competitors. Many signs encourage impulse buys through a call to action.

Place outdoor signs on buildings, sturdy structures, or on the ground. Indoor signs come in many styles and may stand on the floor, hang from the ceiling, or be placed on a display rack with merchandise. Consumers must see and read the sign clearly for it to be of benefit, so consider this when placing signage indoors or out.


Advertising a company involves branding it. Effective strategies need to be formulated and a message developed to accomplish this goal. Signs play a role in the branding of any organization, and signs must be easily recalled and related to the business presenting the sign. Shoppers prefer to buy from companies they are familiar with, and signs help grow the business. In fact, visibility tools increase sales by almost 30 percent.

Signs provide information about the business offerings. Messages need to be creative to allow the business to distinguish itself from competitors and get an upper hand. However, clear messaging remains crucial to achieve this goal. Sadly, consumers find they are bombarded by messages everywhere they go. Companies have a maximum of five seconds to catch a consumer’s attention and deliver the desired message. Messages must be specific and consistent for the best results, and they need to target the appropriate audience at the right time.


Signs containing the brand logo provide a boost for the trade name, doing so by sharing information about the company, brand, products, or services. The marketing continues around the clock when exterior signs are used. Use signs off location for marketing purposes. Billboards located in strategic areas share brief messages with motorists. Magnetic signs on motor vehicles serve as mobile advertising and allow companies to promote their business in large geographical regions.

Signs serve as an effective and economical marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. In fact, business owners find signs cost less than traditional advertising while producing outstanding results. Using this technique, companies find they can increase their marketing and reach more people, which always needs to be the goal.