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Spi 2021 Dashboard

What does the SPI value mean?

The SPI itself is a ratio of earned value to planned (or actual) value. Depending on the integer, SPI reflects a project being on schedule, behind schedule or ahead of schedule.

What is Schedule Performance Index (SPI)?

For example, an SPI above 1 equates to being ahead of schedule, whereas a SPI under 1 means you’re behind schedule. And, if your SPI is equal to 1, your project is exactly on schedule. In summary: SPI = 1 : Project is on schedule; earned value and planned value are equal. Why is Schedule Performance Index Important?

Why create an SPI for your project?

Falling behind schedule is one of the top causes of project failure, and creating an SPI is a simple way to be proactive. You can decide on these intervals as you’re creating your schedule, as they may be different depending on the type of project and the length of the project.

What is the latest version of SDG-NIF progress report 2021?

3.27 On the occasion of National Statistics Day, 2021 (celebrated on 29th June, 2021), the SDG-NIF Progress Report, 2021 (Version 3.1) was released which can be accessed on the official website of the Ministry. Besides, the India SDG Dashboard on NIF, was upgraded and hosted on MoSPI website.

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