Stratford Management Inc Review Cities as a Result of Trump-Kim Korean Peace Speech

The United States President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, had a much-awaited meeting in the Singapore Summit at the Capella Hotel, Sentosa in Singapore. It was the first meeting between the two leaders, which gave way to the Peace Treaty on Korea Peninsula.

So, what do experts say about the Trump-Kim Korean peace agreement? Is it on a positive trend, or would it bring possible chaos?

Peace Treaty on Korea Peninsula

It’s a proposed settlement that aims to end all military hostilities towards the Korean Peninsula formally. In 1953, the United Nations already created the Korean Armistice Agreement after the Korea War, and the Peace Treaty on the Korean Peninsula is a follow-up to this initial agreement. Stratford Management Inc review on cities after this deal.

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in both signed a mutual agreement, known as the Panmunjom Declaration. It’s all about the joint efforts which help transform the Armistice Agreement, making it a peace treaty. The declaration was in cooperation between China and the United States. Donald Trump and Mr. Kim both signed a Joint Statement during the 2018 summit, which serves as a reaffirmation of the Panmunjom Declaration.

Experts’ Perception

Donald Trump is the first United States president who meets the head of state of North Korea. For previous presidents, summits are tricky, and John F. Kennedy and Richard Milhous Nixon had to learn it the hard way. Political experts have varying perceptions about the Trump-Kim meeting.

Here is the perception of experts about Trump and Mr. Kim’s meeting:

  • North Korea summit is considered a signature moment for Donald Trump, which is a real challenge to establishing a solid foreign.
  • North Korea’s nuclear deal will gain access to different secret weapon sites.

People’s Perception

Stratford Management Inc review on cities saw that President Donald Trump has just raised high hopes because of the US and North Korea joint declaration. A lot of Koreans were amazing, seeing the two world leaders greet, shake hands, and chat like old friends. However, some people have expressed their doubts about the outcome of the Singapore Summit.

The New Year’s address of Mr. Kim’s involves focusing more on economic development. He said that North Korea had enough long-range missiles and nuclear warheads, which serve as deterrents against the enemies. While it is perceived not as a way to improve relations, many find it a significant change on the part of North Korea.

New Alliance

The meeting brings a positive direction for both countries and to the world because of focusing more on economic development than actually debating over nuclear weapons, bombs, and missiles. However, some are doubtful about such a joint declaration, which could create stronger alliances against other countries and perhaps resulting in war.


Finally, the United States and Korea have reaffirmed the first peace agreement, and many ordinary citizens and political experts in Korea have expressed their opinions about the matter. Stratford Management Inc review on cities has found favorable grounds. While many people find this mutual agreement positive, some can’t help thinking what this new alliance would bring forth to the peace and order of the world.