The Advantages of Digital Business Cards

One of the latest inventionstoday is the digital business ID. It is also called a virtual, electronic, smart, and NFC (NearField Communication) business card. This innovation is the alternative to the traditional business ID. Hence, it is considereda modernized way of sharing information. 

Digital Business Card’s Primary Invention

Several entrepreneurs did some experiments back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This happened during the digital development that was occurring back then. They were trying to establish web-based business cards accessible via the web browser. Furthermore, it provided a hands-on experience than a static automated document.

But this does not mean it is already widespread and known to entrepreneurs. Contactless business cards UK only became well-known when mobile technology began to take off in the 2010s.

The Benefits It Provides

Entrepreneurs ceaselessly seek for something that will make their work operations much easier. With these digital business cards, they can experience these common advantages in their tasks:

EasilySharing Information

The primary reason this invention emerged is to make sharing information simpler. It has the power to do that since it is only digital. There is no need to print loads of printed business ID copies. It only requires a smartphone and the Internet to share such material with other individuals.

Various Platforms are Available to Create One

Entrepreneurs can develop this form of sharing info on various devices and platforms. Different web pages already have a readied layout for this specific ID. Hence, individuals will no longer have difficulty just establishing one. 

They can only save the file on their mobile devices or computers. 


Numerous people support this advocacy. With all the multiple kinds of pollution going around the globe, it is only right to always go for the eco-friendly way of sharing data. Digital business cards can help in this furtherance.

Traditional business cards are thrown away 90% of the time. With these smart digital business IDs, there is no need to waste excessive paper and ink. This can only mean that there is a chance to save seven million trees yearly. 

The thing is, many individuals still find it alarming if these contactless business cards are safe. This is only natural, especially because of all the hacks and spam. Hence, to become more mindful ofthis material’s secureness, continue reading the infographic below created and designed by NFC Tagify:

Are Digital Business Cards Secure?