The Right Training that You Are Yet to Get

Company training is a consolidated practice in companies that allow their employees to improve and acquire new knowledge and skills through internal training programs. Business training is good for the staff, but also for the company. The first obtains at no cost the possibility of improving their skills and acquiring new ones, which can be spent in other work situations in the event of termination of the employment relationship , while for the second the results are clearly indicated by the regulations governing the implementation of business training programs to improve business efficiency and competitiveness . Both private and public companies are interested in company training.

The Right Training Courses

In-company training courses can be managed by external consultants who are experts in staff selection and training or by internal managers; among the external consultants the company coaches stand out. The outsourcing of professional training services in the company is a recent event, favored by the introduction of European regulations. In fact, the EU has implemented a series of guidelines on the quality systems of companies that must cover their products, but also their staff. 

When companies reflect the standards set by European regulations, they can receive quality certification. This virtuous circle of quality systems also includes corporate training that can involve the development of specific skills of the employee, such as the deepening of a foreign language, the acquisition of a specific computer or craft skill, but also the enhance the talents already expressed by each resource. From the Life Coach in Asheville, NC you can now get the best options for such trainings.

The Public Sector

In the public sector corporate training stand out that periodically implement the three-year company training plans , provided by the regional laws. In this case, for example, employees are trained to manage emergencies in a timely manner and to better manage the relationship with users. The motivational courses are, in fact, those that aim to achieve greater business productivity by leveraging the expression of the individual potential , including professional ones, that every human resource can bring into the production process. Quality systems also include training courses for employee safety, provided for by Legislative Decree 81/2008, in which techniques are acquired to work without risks and using all those devices to avoid serious accidents at work.

Company training: the regulatory framework

Company training is a reality that already exists in Italy before the European directives, only concerning the training of those who face the world of work for the first time. It is an apprenticeship, that is, the contract with which an employee is hired to teach him a trade. The apprentice is hired as an employee, but with a lower salary. With the apprenticeship the company can also benefit from tax breaks. The apprenticeship , regulated by Legislative Decree 276/2003 which updated the previous legislation, provides for three different paths : apprenticeship for the completion of the right and duty to education and training , aimed at young people who have completed 15 to 18 years of age, aimed at obtaining a professional qualification; the professionalizing apprenticeship, intended for young people between 18 and 29 who already have a professional qualification; apprenticeship for obtaining a secondary, university or high specialization degree .