TikTok saw an 800% growth rate since 2018. That explosive growth means everyone from the young teen doing dances to the older mom cooking dinner is on the platform.

So let us ask you: how often are you posting on TikTok, if at all for your business?

We understand if you cringed when we asked because you don’t even have a platform profile. But there are easy ways to increase your audience using the TikTok followers hack and capitalize on the massive growth.

Generating followers on the platform expands your reach, captures a younger crowd’s attention, and builds creative content for your business. We are here to help you uncover the power of TikTok marketing!

Continue reading below to find our top tips for increasing TikTok followers and finding a new home base for your advertising.

  1. Find Your Niche

TikTok’s large scale growth has brought older and younger social media users together on the platform. You can find your calling, whether that’s dancing challenges, ghost stories, or organizational hacks.

The possibilities are endless on this social platform.

Users go to TikTok to engage in the content they are interested in, and we are positive your business’s niche is on the app.

Connect your business’s products or services to a larger narrative you use in marketing and advertising. Are you selling vegan baked goods? Find the dessert crowd on TikTok. Servicing clients with software builds? Share your tech tips with users who live in the innovation feed.

A TikTok follower hack is finding your niche on the platform and sticking to it in every post.

  1. Use General and Specific Hashtags

TikTok’s algorithm pushes videos to the popular “For You” page based on a complex series of data points. You can play into the algorithm by using the popular hashtag method.

Hashtags act as a search method on the platform and make it easy for TikTok followers to participate in trending conversations.

Another TikTok followers hack is to use general and specific hashtags on each post you create for your brand. General hash-tags place your content into the mainstream, popular categories. Specific hash-tags target the niche audience who is looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Try creating posts that have trending and specific hashtags. Track the engagement you receive on each to operationalize building your TikTok followers.

  1. Consistency as the TikTok Followers Hack

One of the strongest methods of building your TikTok audience is clear: post consistently to your brand’s profile.

Creating new content each day allows you to build credibility, authority, and reliability on the platform. TikTok followers will trust your business because it shows up.

We don’t mean posting on Mondays and Wednesdays to the platform at the same time. You should post on TikTok every single day with niche, hashtagged content. Aim for three videos per day as the average number for gaining a wider audience.

You will get TikTok followers when you show up for them – every day.

Build Your Brand on TikTok 

Posting content on a high-growth social platform places your brand into the day-to-day conversation. You will reach new audiences simply by the power of creating consistent, niche content with a variety of hashtags in the caption.

The TikTok followers hack may be three-fold but is easy to see results from in your marketing. Your skills can continue to flourish by reading our marketing blogs and trying out new advertising methods!

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