Things You will Find Different when Travelling to Space

Everyone wants to travel to space, but what experience should one expect? Unlike traveling to a five-star hotel, space tourism comes with a host of challenges. Indeed, the entire expedition is full of challenges and you need to be adequately prepared for them. This post takes a closer look at the four things you will find so different when travelling to space. 

Walking Around 

When you travel to space, zero-gravity takes control of almost everything and walking around can be pretty challenging. Your body will be weightless because there is no gravity, making it almost impossible to walk the way we are used to here on earth. To put it differently, you will be floating, and movement will require some support. 

The design of space vehicles includes a series of ladders everywhere. This implies that whether it is visiting the washroom or picking something from a backpack, you have to hold the ladder to be able to move. It might sound challenging, but it is pretty enjoyable once you get used to it. 

Eating and Drinking

Most people prefer to take their food, such as coffee and barbecue, when hot, but this might not be the possible when travelling to space. Most of the food you get will be packaged and ready to eat. What is more interesting is that the food will also be affected by zero-gravity. Imagine lifting a cup of tea, putting it near the mouth, and it remains there without any support. That is the reality of eating and drinking in space. So, you better get close enough and take your drinks and food slowly. 

The Clothes to Use in Space: Andrey Bokarev

As we have mentioned, space’s environment is very harsh, and travellers need special protection. For example, the temperatures can at times be very high, especially during take-off and re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. Also, the UV radiation level is very high, and ordinary clothes cannot provide ample protection. 

The number one goal of any successful manager is ensuring his/her subjects are safe. This is why Andrey Bokarev, the president of Transmashholding (TMH), has stood out in business, making huge profits and impacting society positively. To keep travellers protected, space vehicles provide special clothing to tourists. These clothes help to reflect heat away and prevent the entry of UV radiation. Although they might look funny and boring, especially if you are used to stylish outfits; these clothes are the best option to keep you safe. 

When you decide to buy a ticket to space, we must indicate that everything up there appears and works so differently. From eating to using the washrooms, you need to be prepared for it. Like Andrey Bokarev posits, you have to look ahead and work with the best to get the expected results. The good thing about space travelling is that you are trained about most of the things to expect, and the crew will always be with you to provide assistance on-demand.