What Makes A Retailer Stand Out On The High Street

High street retail is underpinned by competition. Retailers invest in properties that are set among key areas of local footfall and endeavour to maximise their profits. Then, as other and similarly stocked retailers seek to do the same, setting up shop in close proximity to one another, they are forced to compete. As a result of this, retailers are forced to consider their store’s appeal as an ongoing part of their operation. Winning over customers and attracting shoppers on a daily basis is needed for success, however, it is brand loyalty that will ensure a secure spot on the high street for long periods of time.

Achieving such loyalty is not always straightforward. There are a number of techniques that stores practice and, while many of them are proven effective, competing concepts can simply mimic or outshine what they see. So, to achieve success on the high street, retailers must get creative and make their business shine. Drawing from the provenly effective examples within the industry, here are the ways in which a retailer can truly stand out from the crowd.


Retailers must, above all else, avoid becoming stale. Shoppers are quite fickle in their preferences and, while many will prioritise reliability, they will often succumb to curiosity quite easily, finding themselves drawn to new concepts and products, especially if they are appealing. As a result, it is fundamental that brands and their retail spaces remain novel.


This can be as simple as redesigning your store displays or replacing your shop fittings or, even more effectively, it can be hosting pop-up events and brand collaborations. These limited-time experiences not only lure in new customers but also keep loyal customers enticed and intrigued, wondering what they might experience the next time they visit.


Aesthetics are essential for retail reputation and, as is now well-known, selling the brand experience is as important as the product itself. Your store’s design plays an important role in communicating your business personality and quality. Small items, such as mannequins and stand offs, influence customers as much as larger items, meaning that if they are not given due attention, you will be selling your brand short and handing over customers to competitors.

Be sure to elevate each aspect of your store so that they celebrate your brand. High-quality flourishes and details will go a long way in impressing customers and raising your reputation above competitors.


A store’s staff are occasionally referred to as ambassadors. This decision is made to emphasise the importance of an employee’s role within a store. Not only are staff members essential for facilitating sales but they are also in a position to embrace and share a passion for the product, service, and brand. This element is both necessary to elevate a retail business over online alternatives and, with the right in-store personalities, will also draw in customers who want to seek out expertise and share their own interest in the brand.