What you need to know before buying instagram followers in 2023

The first thing to look into before buying Instagram followers is the reputation and reliability of the provider. Many websites and companies offer followers for sale. However, not all of them may provide real, targeted, and high-quality followers.  Do your research to find a reputable service provider. Check online reviews and testimonials to understand their service quality. See how long they have been in this business and what existing customers have to say. A reliable provider will be transparent about their services and provide all details upfront. They will also assure real followers who can actively engage with your profile.

Location of followers

When buying instagram followers from Famoid, you must also pay attention to their geographic location. The ideal would be to get followers within your target country or region.  Global followers from countries unrelated to your business may not engage much with your local content. However, followers from your target location are more likely to convert into real customers. So opt for a service that provides country-specific followers.

 Gradual delivery

Avoid any service promising instant delivery of followers within hours or days. As discussed before, a sudden spike in followers looks fake and inorganic. Opt for providers that gradually deliver followers over weeks and months. Initial delivery may be faster, but it should ideally take 2-4 weeks to get the full order. Some services deliver followers daily in small batches to mimic real growth. This keeps your account safe and avoids shadowban risks.

Refill guarantee

Genuine providers offer a refill guarantee to their followers. This means if some followers drop off after a few weeks, they will replace them for free. Typically, around 10-20% of followers may unfollow accounts over time.  The refill guarantee ensures your follower count remains intact. It also indicates the provider is confident about their service quality. Choose one offering refills for at least 1-3 months after purchase.

Cost factor

Buying followers at the cheapest rate may tempt you, but often you get what you pay for. Extremely low prices typically mean low-quality or fake followers. These cannot generate any real value for your brand. High-quality and targeted followers do come at a cost. But they offer long-term benefits that justify the pricing. Be ready to spend a little more for followers who engage and convert. After comparing different providers, choose one that offers the best value for money.

 Payment security

Never share your payment information or make direct bank transfers to unknown sellers. There are fraudsters out there looking to scam buyers. Only use trusted payment gateways like PayPal when purchasing followers.

Genuine providers always offer secure online payment options. This keeps your banking and personal details confidential and safe from misuse.

Account safety

Any service that delivers low-quality or fake bot followers can get your account shadowbanned. Ensure the provider you choose uses safe practices that don’t violate Instagram’s terms and conditions. Your Instagram account should not be compromised in any way just to grow your followers. Avoid sellers who request your login details or ask you to share posts from specific profiles.