Work from Home in Financial Sector – Steps for Compliant and Effective Customer Communications During COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) epidemic has affected the lives of millions and killed hundreds of thousands worldwide. Due to the deadly virus, governments have imposed a quarantine to flatten the curve and prevent more people from contracting the virus. Almost all establishments are closed because of this pandemic.

An alternative that most companies have is the work from home option. Employees who are not essential workers or others that require physical workers are needed to do their work using their computers at home. If a household does not have one, companies usually have their units borrowed by their employees.

Some of the sectors required to work from home are the sectors of outsourcing, finance, business, and other workers that use a computer during work hours. Despite the quarantine, customer service representatives should maintain proper etiquette when answering phone calls or text messages.

Most companies have archivers and trackers that could record voice calls, which means that if you act unethically, you may get fired. Also, having professionalism during a conversation shows a lot of courage in a person. If you want to know the ways on how to communicate during the quarantine effectively, you can check this TeleMessage infographic.